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Welcome to Top Dog Business Directory 

Top Dog is a FREE business directory for businesses like us that are fed up with paying on line companies hundreds to promote them and getting nothing back in return. After paying thousands for services that, putting it simply, either only just work or don't work at all, we decided to set up our own service and charge minimum if customers want to go to premium. Our goal is to aid all clients, hence why we are offering a FREE life listing. If you don't see the value in our FREE account after a year simply delete, there is no obligation to stay with us -That's how confident we are it will work. 

Voluntary services are FREE

We offer community services free listings


Are you a community services please use this listing to get your FREE advert and account. This means hospitals, schools, place of worship, charities and emergency services. 



We offer a free listing


At Top Dog, we want all our customers to have faith in us, so we offer a 100% FREE no obligation listing. If you get new clients during this time, you will see £9.95 is nothing for 12 months listing that offers much more.


12 months listing only £9.95

Pay for 12 months and get so much more


Once you have gained the confidence that our service will work for you (i.e. after the FREE listing), you can also get access to many other services including the featured listing that we offer at a fraction of the cost of other competitors.




top dog buisiness directoryMore reasons to join Top Dog Business Directory

At Top Dog Business Directory we pride ourselves on going above and beyond. You can have a high end WordPress website built by us and SEO done at half the price when you take out a years FREE  listing.

We charge £495 for websites but if you take out a FREE listing its only £249. Clients can also have an explainer video or white board video made for their website normally £249 but with a listing only £9.95.


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