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Welcome to Top Dog Business Directory 

Top Dog is a FREE business directory for businesses like us that are fed up with paying on line companies hundreds to promote them and getting nothing back in return. After paying thousands for services that, putting it simply, either only just work or don't work at all, we decided to set up our own service and charge minimum if customers want to go to premium. Our goal is to aid all clients, hence why we are offering a FREE life listing. If you don't see the value in our FREE account after a year simply delete, there is no obligation to stay with us -That's how confident we are it will work. 

Voluntary services are FREE

We offer community services free listings


Are you a community services please use this listing to get your FREE advert and account. This means hospitals, schools, place of worship, charities and emergency services. 



We offer a free listing


At Top Dog, we want all our customers to have faith in us, so we offer a 100% FREE no obligation listing. If you get new clients during this time, you will see £9.95 is nothing for 12 months listing that offers much more.


12 months listing only £9.95

Pay for 12 months and get so much more


Once you have gained the confidence that our service will work for you (i.e. after the FREE listing), you can also get access to many other services including the featured listing that we offer at a fraction of the cost of other competitors.




top dog buisiness directoryMore reasons to join Top Dog Business Directory

At Top Dog Business Directory we pride ourselves on going above and beyond. You can have a high end WordPress website built by us and SEO done at half the price when you take out a years FREE  listing.

We charge £495 for websites but if you take out a FREE listing its only £249. Clients can also have an explainer video or white board video made for their website normally £249 but with a listing only £9.95.


Terms and Conditions

Top Dog Business Directory has one goal and one vision – to deliver advertising opportunities at a price that is right. The company was put together after Chris and Tracey got fed up with paying high prices year after year for a service like ours. 

Top Dog offers a three month free trial on each business you register with us. We cannot guarantee we will make you millions, but our promise is to get your business noticed for less than the cost of a chocolate bar a week. 

Terms and Conditions

  1. Top Dog endeavors to keep our site on line 24/7 and have the site backed up each night on our servers
  2. Information that clients add to our directory will be kept secure and never sold on to third parties
  3. Top Dog will sort out Search Engine Optimization to give our clients the best chance of exposure on the internet
  4. Our promise to keep our directory costings lower than any competitors, ensuring the client always get value for money with us
  5. Top Dog will provide a three month FREE listing so you can see if our directory will benefit your needs
  6. We do not offer refunds on listings, as the three month trial is your chance to see if you are happy with our service, If in doubt, please do not register with us.
  7. Top Dog promise that the clients listing will be live within 24 hours of payment being received 
  8. Payments are taken via PayPal through our on line system
  9. The client will receive a receipt once payment has been made to us
  10. All clients will get an automated reminder 14 days prior to their listing expiring
  11. Clients will get a final reminder seven days before their listing expires 
  12. If the client fails to renew the listing, the account and listing will be terminated from our servers
  13. All listings are checked by our directory auditors
  14. Listings can be refused if they are deemed to break Top Dogs T&C’s
  15. The client will pay for each listing that they require at the set fee of £49.95 per year
  16. It is the responsibility of the client to log in and keep their listing information up to date
  17. Client e-mail, contact information, web address and office address must be updated
  18. Content added to Top Dog must never be copied from other media outlets
  19. The client must ensure all content and images they upload is their intellectual property
  20. Plagiarism of any content will result in instant deletion from our directory once reported with no refunds
  21. Listings must not contain sexual or explicit content
  22. Any listing seen to be condoning criminal activity, religious hate etc. will be removed
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